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The way I do my job. The penknife.

UX Design

Wireframing with paper and prototyping with Sketch. Less is more. Clean is beauty. Focus on the user and it's needs. If it helps, it sells.


It's great to understand something about this stuff because giving life to your creature and seeing it breath is kind of cool. Give it style.


A small sample of my work, not everything (even Picasso's were stolen)

Payment method

Visual Design

Cash payment

Visual Design

Detail module

Visual Design

Status screen

Visual Design

Website design

Design & Development

Website design

Design & Development

Website design

Design & Development

Retro madness

Flyer Design

Website design

Design & Development

About me

How I got here and met you

  • Ruta0.com

    08/2007 - 03/2009

    Web Designer. My first steps into web design as a job. I helped with the website design interface and a little bit of basic development. Contributed in the future as freelance with design proposals.

  • Art Desing

    03/2009 - 10/2011

    Web Designer. Web and graphic design (both screen and print). Photograph retouch. Magazine design.

  • IMC Comunicaci¨®n

    10/2010 - 06/2013

    Web Designer. Working in an advertising agency as a web designer, designing and developing websites, landing pages, banners and emails. Video edition. Digital presentations. And more. Working for brands such as Microsoft, Pirelli, Nokia and LoJack

  • Despegar.com

    06/2013 - 08/2017

    UX Designer. Got in touch with most of the products in the company (mainly Flights, Checkout, Cruises). Wireframing, prototyping in Sketch and testing.

  • Thomson Reuters

    08/2017 - Today

    Senior UX Designer. Into the tax accounting division of the company. Wireframing, prototyping in Sketch and testing.

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